The Mankind Diary

The Mankind Diary

The Mankind Diary

The Mankind Diary / Issue 01

Our philosophy is that 'Art should be an honest and personal experience; a transfer of emotion from the artist to the world.'

Issue 01 aims to facilitate this by reducing the importance of the design surrounding the delivery of creativity, and instead allowing the artists to curate and present their own work as they wish.

Featuring the work of 12 Australia artists, living both domestically and overseas, from a variety of disciplines from painting and illustration, to photography, furniture design and ceramics.

- Christian Halford / Kirra Beach, QLD  - Brett Chesterfield / Melbourne, VIC  - Erin Larkings / Berlin, Germany  - Mitch Pinney / Melbourne, VIC  - Sarah Gosling / Castlemaine, Vic  - Claire Johnson / Sydney, NSW  - Sally Bourke* / Newcastle, NSW  - Iain Dean* / Perth, WA  - War Daughters* / Melbourne, VIC  - Dane Faurschou / Copenhagen, Denmark  - Eytan Messiah* / Sydney, NSW  - Tess Bukowsky* / Melbourne, VIC

The Mankind Diary facilitates those quiet moments of curiosity where viewers can have their imagination sparked by something out of the ordinary.